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Tuxedo Terms:
Ascot – A kind of necktie or scarf with very broad ends hanging from the knot, one upon the other.
Bow Tie – A small necktie tied in a bowknot.
Cuffs – Something tuxedo pants should never have.
Cufflinks – Jewelry that is worn to keep the shirt cuff closed.
Cummerbund – A wide sash worn as a waistband for formal dress.
Cutaway Jacket – A coat with the front of the skirt cut so as to curve back to the tails.
Black Tie – It is requested you wear a tuxedo to the event.
Black Tie Optional – You have the option of wearing a tuxedo or a dark suit.
Black Tie Preferred – Your host prefers you to wear a tuxedo instead of a dark suit.
Double Breasted Jacket – Having a double row of buttons in the front of the jacket.
Four-in-Hand-Tie – A necktie tied in a slipknot with the ends left hanging.
French Cuffs – A double cuff on the sleeve of a shirt that is turned back on itself and fastened with a cufflink.
Inseam – The measurement of the inside pant seam to where the pant falls on the shoe.
Lay Down Collar - A traditional men’s dress shirt collar.
Morning Suit - Consists of a cutaway coat, striped trousers, a white wing shirt, gray vest, and an ascot or four-in-hand tie.
Notch Lapel – A "V" cutout in the lapel where it meets the top collar.
Peak Lapel - A lapel that points upward and extends beyond the top collar.
Pique – A firmly woven cotton fabric with ribbed, corded or ridged wales.
Pocket Square - A fancy handkerchief worn with points up in the breast pocket of tuxedo coat.
Shawl Collar – A sloping rounded wide lapel with no notches.
Single Breasted Jacket – A jacket with a single row of buttons.
Stroller Jacket – Semi-Formal Suit Jacket.
Tails – Very formal tuxedo coat with long tails in the back.
Top Hat – A very formal traditional hat. Sometimes accessorized with a cane as well.
White Tie Event – An ultra-formal evening event that you should wear tails to.
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There are many different types of terms related to tuxedo and formalwear. The following term are just some of the more popular terms you might come across when considering a wedding or special event tuxedo rental or purchase of formalwear. Some terms may vary from every special occasion to another.